Peninsula Football Club has been taking great pride in the development of young people, who aspire to play football, for over 6 years.

It was formed in November 2014 with the first squad as small as 3 players. Now, our Peninsula family is much bigger, and it has become an integral part of the Greenwich community. Peninsula FC is committed to help children to get into football and other sports.

We operate a unique, age-appropriate programme and provide our players with experiences that will help them to understand the values of Peninsula FC, to grow and succeed in life, and to play football at the highest level.

To do that, we employ experts with a wide range of skills both on and off the pitch, who are all dedicated to preserving the joys of childhood and avoiding premature professionalism.

Our ambition is to be a true family and community Club, and to always act with honesty, integrity, respect and humility.

Supporting and trusting young people is embedded into the history and the culture of Peninsula FC and we aspire to achieve an international reputation as a leading youth development organisation.